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Agent Training

Oklahoma has adopted the National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ Guidelines for Long-Term Care Training. Oklahoma Administrative Code 365:25-3-1.4(a) requires insurance agents selling, soliciting or negotiating long-term care (LTC) insurance policies in Oklahoma to complete a one-time, eight-hour Long-Term Care course. Producers that sell, solicit or negotiate LTC insurance must complete the one-time training course before July 14, 2009. Producers that have not sold, solicited or negotiated LTC insurance by July 14, 2008, but intend to sell LTC insurance policies must complete the eight-hour training requirement prior to doing so.

Producers selling, soliciting or negotiating long-term care insurance policies must also complete four hours of LTC continuing education during each license renewal period. The eight-hour and four-hour courses will apply toward the producer’s biennial continuing education requirement.

Approved courses may be offered via classroom or interactive distance learning. The training shall include topics related to long-term care, including state long-term care insurance partnership programs such as the Oklahoma Long-Term Care Partnership.

Oklahoma Administrative Code 365:25-3-1.4(c) requires insurers to obtain verification of producer training before the producer is permitted to sell, solicit or negotiate the insurer’s long-term care insurance products. They must also maintain records with respect to training that are subject to the state’s record retention requirements and make verification available to the commissioner upon request.

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